A.R.T Dyva

Make Up Artist & Musician

Who is A.R.T Dyva

Who is Antony (A.R.T Dyva) ? What is he doing?

A.R.T Dyva aka Antoine Davy, is a Parisian songwriter and Make Up Artist.


He was born the 18th July 1997 in Rouen and began songwriting at the age of 8

He posted his first songs in 2011 on his first website.

At the beginning, he was dreaming if a singing career, and released several covers and music videos until his first EP "Try It All" released in 2012. He later stopped singing but continued working on instrumental songs. The full length demo album came up a year later, and a first music video "Dirty Paradise" to promote Antoine's work. During the following two years, he was working on a second demo album. The concept behind it was much stronger, mature and considered as much professional. "Live Until Overdose" was about love, sensuality, nights out, deceptions and depression. As the process was taking a lot of time, teasing EP "Summer Is Never Over" was released during the summer 2014. "Summer Is Never Over is fun, electronic and powerful without any vocal or lyric yet". The songs"Hungover In Paris" (+music video), "In Your Arms", "Wonderful" (+music video), "Time To Play" (+music video), and "Wild Nights" were realised throughtout 2014 - early 2015. 

Antoine attempted to collaborate with singers to complete the album but it didn't work out. "At this age, with no label and no connexion in the industry, it is really difficult to collaborate with people on such a project. First because you need to find artists that understand your vision, have a strong sensitivity and the vocals to match with the songs".

"Live Until Overdose" was finally canceled. Antoine decided to keep the songs on side and will make something even bigger. He also revealed two episodes from the "I Am A.R.T" serie. More is coming in 2016, focusing on song writing, filming music videos, create, and MUA.


Antoine had a first step into the Make Up Artist in 2015 at the Scandinavian Make Up Studio of Bangkok, at the age of 17. There he learned how to do makeup for beauty, fashion, television, cinema, basic special effects and fantasy. He worked on a fashion show for Eric Raisin.

In order to have more practice and keep on learning, he enrolled in the Make Up For Ever Academy of Paris later in 2015. On side he did many make ups for events, galas, weddings...

Music chronology

Demo albums / Mixtapes: Summer Beats (2013), "Live Until Overdose" (?)

EP: Try It All (2012), Try It Al II: BMK (2013), All About That Night (2013), Summer Is Never Over (2014)

Leading songs:  Vibes R Mine, Midnight Dark, The Summer Beat, Open My Eyes On Love, Dirty Paradise, Hungover In Paris, In Your Arms, Wonderful, Time To Play

Music videos: Dirty paradise, Hungover In Paris, So Wonderful, Time To Play, To The End